ELECTION DATE: Primary on October 12, 2019 and general election on November 16, 2019.

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C. Denise Marcelle

SEAT: State Representative, District 61

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Ending police brutality, amnesty days for people to clear outstanding warrants, prohibiting businesses from discriminating against LGBT people, access to abortion

*Identifies as Black/African American


Patricia Haynes Smith

SEAT: State Representative, District 67

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Expanding sex education, restoration of voting rights for formerly incarcerated individuals, improving education in East Baton Rouge Parish and the state

*Has identified as African American/Black


Karen Carter Peterson

SEAT: State Senate, District 5

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Access to abortion, voting rights, equal pay, increasing minimum wage

*Has identified as African American/Black