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Sara Mae Williams

SEAT: LD-4 House (State Representative, District 4)

PARTY: Green

ISSUES: Justice for native populations, anti-border & pro-immigration reform, environmental rights, public education reform

*Has identified as  Native American;Tohono O'odham


Jamescita Peshlakai

SEAT: LD-7 Senate (State Senate, District 7)

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Promoting opportunities for veterans, protecting the environment

*Has identified as Native American; Navajo, and Veteran


Victoria Steele

SEAT: LD-9 Senate (State Senate, District 9)

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Affordable childcare, affordable college education, reverse the expansion of school vouchers, affordable & quality healthcare

*No PAC money/corporate dollars

*Has identified as Native American; Seneca/Mingo


Sally Ann Gonzales

SEAT: LD-3 Senate (State Senate, District 3)

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Education, rights of minority populations especially Indigenous & Hispanic communities 

*Has identified as Native American; Pascua Yaqui


Anita Malik

SEAT: U.S. Congress (District 6)

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Raising the minimum wage, standardize health care rates, immigration policies that unite families, refinance programs for college debt

*Has identified as Indian American