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Betty Yee

SEAT: State Controller

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Financial health, good paying & lasting jobs

*Has identified as AAPI


Caleen Sisk

SEAT: State Assembly

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Support for public schools & colleges, protecting North State water rights, protect & expand healthcare for all stronger Infrastructure

*Has identified as Native American; Winnemem Wintu 

Mya Whitaker

SEAT: Oakland City Council District 6

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Safe & healthy East Oakland

*Has identified as African American/Black


Sabrina Cervantes

SEAT: State Assembly District 60

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Strengthening Riverside County's economy, fully funding public schools, reducing traffic, helping veterans succeed, keeping neighborhoods safe

*Has identified as Latinx/LGBTQ


Karen Bass

SEAT: U.S House, CA-37

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Ensuring foster youth have the resources they need to find safe & loving homes, ensuring access to clean air & water, advocating for film tax credits & imposing stiff penalties on illegal downloads

*Has identified as African American/Black


Jovanka Beckles

SEAT: State Assembly District 15

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Make health & medical care available to all, expand housing for everyone, stand with organized labor, improve California's economy by reforming Proposition 13, reform criminal justice & prisons.

*Has identified as African American/Black


Tonya Burke

SEAT: Perris City Council

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Improving access to social services, increasing community engagement, nonprofit capacity building, higher education, skill training & career development

*Has identified as African American/Black


Monica Montgomery

SEAT: San Diego City Council, District 4

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Economic opportunity for all, police reform, safe and healthy communities (affordable housing, services for low income families and combatting homelessness), better neighborhood services (investment and maintenance of streets, parks, sidewalks), transparency in government

*Has identified as African American/Black


Barbara Lee

SEAT: U.S House, CA-13 (re-election)

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Raise the minimum wage,  income inequality, full access to early childhood education, high-quality public schools and debt-free college, protecting civil rights, protecting environment and prevent climate change

*Has identified as African American/Black


Natasha Middleton

SEAT: Oakland City Council District 6

PARTY: Independent

ISSUES: Safer streets and neighborhoods,  safer communities (fight human sex trafficking, increasing food security), increasing fire safety, adequate support for homes/schools affected by lead)

*Has identified as African American/Black


Maxine Waters

SEAT: U.S House, CA-43 (re-election)

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Protecting consumers, ending predatory practices by for-profit, eliminating the wealth gap, increase minority ownership of business, restore judicial discretion

*Has identified as African American/Black

Holly Mitchell

SEAT: State Senate, District 30

PARTY:  Democratic

ISSUES: None Listed

*Has identified as African American/Black


Dr. Shirley Weber

SEAT: State Assembly District 79 (re-election)

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Childcare for working families, improve access to federal anti-hunger benefits for California’s low-income college students, restoring voting rights to individuals who successfully complete probation

*Has identified as African American/Black


Cheryl Sudduth

SEAT: State Assembly, District 15

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: None Listed

*Has identified as Black/Muslim


Lucille Roybal-Allard

SEAT: U.S House, CA-40

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Better treatment of animals, defend the Rights of All Americans- including voting rights, right to equal pay, and right to be free of discriminatory policing-Revitalize Los Angeles River to Make it More Environmentally Friendly, Fight Climate Change, Funding for Affordable Housing Programs, Pass the Dream Act

*Has identified as Latinx


Linda Sanchez

SEAT: U.S House, CA-38 (re-election)

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Providing safe & quality education for children, encouraging economic growth & job creation through innovation & manufacturing

*Has identified as Latinx; Mexican


Doris Matsui

SEAT: U.S House, CA-6 (re-election)

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Improve no child left behind act & the Education and Secondary School Act, higher education access, clean energy & technology jobs, funding for flood protection & affordable flood protection insurance 

*Has identified as AAPI


Judy Chu

SEAT: U.S House, CA-27 (re-election)

PARTY: Democratic 

ISSUES: Copyright protections in creative industries, fully fund education programs, increase support for small business, improve parks 

*Has identified as AAPI/Chinese American