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Lauren Underwood

SEAT: U.S House IL-14

PARTY:  Democratic 

ISSUES: Reducing gun violence, education, environment, immigration & DACA, reproductive freedom

*Youngest Black woman running for Congress in 2018

*Has identified as African American / Black


Robin Kelly

SEAT: U.S House, IL-2

PARTY:  Democratic 

ISSUES: Fighting poverty, gun control, small business, protecting seniors & women's health 

*Has identified as African American/Black



Juliana Stratton

SEAT: Lieutenant Governor

PARTY:  Democratic 

ISSUES: None Listed

*Has identified as African American / Black


Lori Lightfoot

SEAT: Mayor

PARTY:  Democratic 

ISSUES: Improve schools, multi-pronged approach to Chicago's violence, police reform, neighborhood development, equity & inclusion.

*Has identified as African American / Black/LGBTQ+