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Ayanna Pressley

SEAT: U.S  House, MA-07

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Medicare for all, defund ICE, common sense gun reform, support independent investigation on police brutality

*No corporate/PAC money

*Has identified as African American/Black


Tahirah Amatul-Wadud

SEAT: U.S House, MA-01

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Economic security for poor & working class families, quality and affordable education, medicare for all, criminal justice reform, supporting veterans

*Has identified as African American / Black, Muslim


Juana Matias

SEAT: U.S House, MA-03


ISSUES:  Universal healthcare, protect immigrants, women's healthcare reform, criminal justice reform

*No corporate/PAC money

*Has identified as Latinx


Bopha Malone

SEAT: U.S House, MA-03

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Providing quality & affordable education, healthcare, fair immigrant policies, combating drug & alcohol addictions, fair tax laws

*Has identified as AAPI , Cambodian refugee