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Stacey Abrams

SEAT: Governor

PARTY:  Democratic 

ISSUES: Investing in children, fair & diverse economy, effective & Engaged government, criminal justice reform, higher education

*Has identified as African American / Black


Lucia "Lucy" McBath

SEAT: U.S House, GA-6

PARTY:  Democratic 

ISSUES: Healthcare, gun safety, jobs & the economy, education, immigration & DACA

*Has identified as African American / Black


Aisha Yaqoob

SEAT: GA- House District 97

PARTY:  Democratic 

ISSUES: Education, economy, transportation, healthcare, women's rights

*Has identified as AAPI; Pakistani, Muslim


Park Cannon

SEAT: GA- House District 58

PARTY:  Democratic 

ISSUES: Affordable housing, education, healthcare access 

*Has identified as African American / Black/ Queer