New York

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

SEAT: U.S House, NY-14

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Medicare for all, federal jobs guarantee, immigration justice/abolish ICE, criminal justice reform

*No PAC money/corporate dollars

*Has identified as Latinx; Puerto Rican


Jessica Ramos

SEAT: State Senate, District 13

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Fix the MTA, reform rent laws, fund our public schools, immigrant rights

*Has identified as Latinx; Colombian


Yvette Clarke

SEAT: U.S House, NY-11 (re-election)

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Defending women's rights & healthcare, protecting the Affordable Care Act, funding Planned Parenthood, paid family leave, improving affordable housing opportunities

*Has identified as African American/Black


Julia Salazar

SEAT: State Senate, District 18

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Housing, education, immigration, civil rights, climate justice

*Has identified as Latinx; Colombian



Letitia 'Tish' James

SEAT: Attorney General

PARTY: Not Applicable

ISSUES: Protect consumers from abuse, advocate for children, protect the environment, enforce equal pay, defend civil rights for all

*Has identified as African American/Black