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Adrienne Bell

SEAT: U.S House, TX-14

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Medicare for all, environmental justice, fully funded higher education, raise minimum wage

*No PAC money/corporate dollars

*Has identified as African American/ Black


Veronica Escobar

SEAT: U.S House, TX-16

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Standing up for the border, supporting immigration reform, protecting & expanding our economy, protecting the environment

*Has identified as Latinx


Sema Hernandez

SEAT: Senate

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Universal healthcare, livable minimum wage, end private prisons, police reform, immigration reform

*Has identified as Latinx


Gina Ortiz- Jones

SEAT: U.S House, TX-23

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Creating jobs, national security, responsible immigration reform, protecting civil rights, affordable healthcare

*Has identified as AAPI; Filipina, LGBTQ; lesbian, Air Force veteran


Sheila Jackson-Lee

SEAT: U.S House, TX-18 (re-election)

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Responsible energy, multilateralism & constructive engagement with other countries, eliminate health disparities, fight HIV/AIDS, affordable & accessible quality healthcare

*Has identified as African American / Black


Eddie Bernice Jackson

SEAT: U.S House, TX-30 (re-election)

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Expand access to quality healthcare, pragmatic immigration reform, reform of mental healthcare system, VA healthcare system accountability for Veterans

*Has identified as African American / Black


Lina Hidalgo

SEAT: Harris County Judge

PARTY: Democratic

ISSUES: Early education, disaster relief, climate resilience, fixing criminal justice system, gun safety

*Has identified as Latinx/Colombian Immigrant